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Classic Children’s Tales

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Beauty and the Beast

Told by Kathleen Olmstead; Illustrated by Linda Olafsdottir

 Beauty & The Beast - image
The classic fairy tales we have learned to love over the years brought to us in beautiful hard-backed books – perfect for parents and little ones alike.  We were delighted to be given the opportunity to review a couple of books recently – this is one of them.  My son William’s response was “it’s a GIRL’S book” but he still insisted I read the book to him more than 3 times already sssshhhhh!!!

The Story

When Beauty’s father steals a rose from the Beast’s garden, the Beast demands his life in return—unless Beauty comes to live in his castle. Will Beauty ever be able to see that the Beast’s ugliness is only skin deep?

ISBN 9781402783432

The Fox and the Grapes

Told by Kathleen Olmstead, illustrated by Sarah Brannen

The Fox and the Grapes - image
Of the books Entertain the Kids were sent to review – this was William’s favourite.  He just loved the colours and the fox and the flowers… he loved just about everything.  Small enough to pop into your bag so you can have a read to keep your children occupied for 5mins – definitely a must for all parents.

The Story

When a thirsty fox sees some tasty-looking grapes, he’s delighted. But he just can’t reach them, no matter how high he jumps or how hard he tries. Bitterly disappointed, he walks off, calling them ‘sour’. Aesop’s charming animal fable gently teaches children a timeless and very human lesson.

ISBN 9781402783456

King Midas

Told by Kathleen Olmstead, illustrated by Maurizio Quarello

King Midas - image
Be careful what you wish for – a very valuable message to be learned by all.

The Story

Although King Midas is a kind man, he always wants more: more jewels, more silver, more gold. So when’s he’s granted a wish for doing a good deed, he asks that everything he touches turn to gold. But after his flowers, his food and even his daughter are transformed, he learns what is truly valuable.

ISBN 9781402783463

The Lion and the Mouse

Told by Kathleen Olmstead, illustrated by Scott Wakefield

The Lion and The Mouse - image
A story that encourages the belief that we should all work together.  We are all good at something and if we share our skills and work as a team “anything is possible”

The Story

Could a tiny mouse actually help the king of the jungle? That’s what a trapped mouse promises to do if his lion captor sets him free. The lion laughs–and lets him go. But when hunters trap the scared and desperate lion, the mouse proves that even the smallest creatures can do great deeds.

ISBN 9781402783470

Written by : Sharon Steed
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