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We were delighted to be invited to review some early years wooden toys on behalf of Hape Toys. The quality of the toys is just outstanding. Memories of toys from years gone by with attention to detail being key. We delved a little deeper to find some information relating to Hape Toys which you will find further down this article.

Here we showcase two fantastic wooden toys from Hape Toys, a Walk-along Caterpillar and Barn Play.

Walk-along Caterpillar from Hape

Hape Walk Along Caterpillar

Hape Walk a long Caterpillar, winner of the Gold Medal in the Eco category at the 2016 Independent Toy Awards.

This colourful wooden pull-toy stimulates early walking with smiling sunflowers that turn with every step your toddler takes. For more fun, remove the flowers and watch them spin. Give the caterpillar a name. Everything’s more fun when you have a friend.

Hape Walk Along Caterpillar

Recommended for 12+ Months the Hape Walk-along Caterpillar is currently available from Amazon for £22.99 (currently on offer at £18.84).

Hape Barn Play

Hape Barn Play

Hape Barn Play winner of the Bronze Medal in the Commendation for the take along activity box in the wooden category Eco at the 2016 Independent Toy Awards.

Little ones can create several scenes with this unique farm set, encouraging your child to explain the different scenarios they have created with the farmer and animals. Imagination at its best!

Hape Barn Play

Recommended for 3 years + Hape Barn Play is available from Hape for £39.99.



The following information has been taken straight from the website of Hape Toys for the purposes of promotion.

Hape Toys is one of the World’s largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Hape toys are both creatively designed and eco-friendly. Neither culture, nor language, nor gender inhibits the intuitive process of play. All of the products meet, and more often, exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety. But behind the innovative designs and meticulous quality lies the even stronger ethos of Hape.

From the beginning of the design process, through production and delivery, to the final unwrapping of the consumer packaging, Hape toys are a collaboration of global thinking and responsible ecology.

In addition to using particular materials and methods, Hape seeks out people who bring a new sensibility to the process. A collaboration of international and local employees creates a global corporate culture with a particular understanding and respect for the World in which we live. Sustainability, education, innovation and fun. Hape Toys represents the next generation of play.


Prepared by : Sharon Steed
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