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Christmas is almost upon us, and here at Entertain The Kids, we would like to thank the PaperShaker team who have created a step-by-step guide detailing how you can make your very own wreath out of your Christmas cards; this is a fun and easy task which offers such pretty and unique results at the same time!  If you are struggling to find some good decorations this year (or find yourself wanting something better than dusting off last years decorations!) why not get out the cards and start crafting!

You will need :

What you need - image What you need - recycled cards - image
* 1 large dinner plate
* 1 smaller tea plate
* 1 square scrap of card
* Glue
* Scissors
* Craft knife
* Pencil
* Marker pen
* Your beloved Christmas cards and some coloured envelopes

Step 1 :

Step 1 - image Step 1 - image
Take your large dinner plate and draw round it. Then centre the smaller plate within the space and draw around this too.

Step 2 :

Step 2 - image Step 2 - image Step 2 - image
Cut around the outside and the middle creating your wreath base layer.

Step 3 & Step 4 :

Step 3 - image Step 4 - image
Next, draw a holly shape. This will be your template to use on all your cards and envelopes.

Cut it out!

Step 5 & Step 6 :

Step 5 - image Step 6 - image
Gather your old Christmas cards and envelopes and use a pencil to draw around the holly template with a pencil on the back of your mementos! Then, cut them out.

Once you have cut out your holly leaves, start to arrange and glue them around the cardboard base alternating the colours for pretty effect.

Top tip: Fold the holly leaves in half to mimic the look of real holly

Step 7 :

Step 7 - image
Hang your beautiful, unique wreath in your home or if you use this year’s cards, save it for 2015’s Christmas festivities!

My own experience in arts and craft scan back to my early 20s (some 20-25yrs ago sssshhhh!!!) when I was an assistant Beaver Leader with a Scouting Group in Radcliffe, Manchester. My daughter, Georgina, is 13yr in January and I actively applied myself to creating crafts and up-cycling Christmas Cards, etc. During my daughter’s younger years I became a very successful childminder creating crafty makes for the parents for each celebration throughout the year. In more recent years, I am mother to William 5yr, so crafty activities are never far away and I am really pleased to have a reminder such as Recycling Christmas Cards to make a unique and personal Christmas Wreath drop into my inbox, thank you to PaperShaker. Follow us on twitter

About PaperShaker :

This project has been shared with Entertain the Kids thanks to PaperShaker, a design-led luxury cards company who personalise the memorable moments in life.

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