Start-up’s global download success hopes to encourage new reading habits among UK children aged 5-16


Entertain the Kids were delighted when we were invited to review the iClassics App. When you first load the iClassics App you automatically get two free titles : my free titles were “The Facts in the Case of M Valdemar” and “Ghost Christmas“.

Once in the iClassics App you can purchase a number of titles including iDickens Collection £3.99 (Ghost Christmas and other stories), iLovecraft Collection £3.99 (The Hound, The Window and other stories), and more.

Entertain the Kids chose the “iWilde Collection” which includes three enchanting tales “The Happy Prince“, “The Nightingale and the Rose” and “The Selfish Giant“.

William (Age7), the official Chief Tester her at Entertain The Kids HQ chose “The Happy Prince“, no surprise there. William was completely in awe with the special effects and interaction. He simply loved the music and pictures and squealed with delight that he could make the cat miaow and the bird tweet. Throughout, the illustrations, music and animations bring the story alive. Obviously, William started rushing to the next page and the next page to click on the illustrations to see what they do but it is still a good introduction to the iWilde Collection, I am sure he wouldn’t have chosen the book himself in the library.

William clicked on “Ghost Christmas” without my knowledge and he did say it was a little scary.

Generally the colours, imagery and music are quite dark and I would urge parents to view the App first without their child then with their child rather than leaving the child to view on their own.

Navigation through the App can be a little daunting, once I uploaded iWilde I couldn’t find it, this is because the iWilde opened as a separate App and I found it difficult to get back to the home page, though William didn’t seem to have an problems. What I do love, the App will keep your page, so you can stop reading when you want to, close the App and re-open at a later date on the page you left it.

This could be an invaluable tool to use in schools.

The Official Bit


The new iClassics Collection of AppBooks calls on classic tales of the past to inspire and encourage today’s reluctant young readers.

With recent reports that 50% of boys aged 11 failed their year six SATS exams, iClassics Collection takes on the challenges faced by parents and teachers by encouraging positive reading habits. The AppBook series has products aimed at children ranging from 5-16 to create a unique storytelling environment that includes interactive elements unlike an ordinary EBook.

Key features

  • The interactive and artistic elements aid the child’s reading and provide support when the century-old texts become challenging. Therefore, engaging a new audience with classic texts and improving the reading ability of the youth today.
  • Jump to any page in the book with our handy table of contents.
  • Page Memory. Leave the app at any moment and come back to the same page.
  • As well as brushing up on their modern classics, readers can also educate themselves on the authors biographies, further improving their knowledge.
  • Each App within the iClassics Collection will retail for £2.99, available on iOS and Android.

Hero AppBook products at a glance

  • Oscar Wilde’s (iWilde) treasured classics are also brought to life within the AppBook via the use of an unforgettable palette of colours and sensations, encouraging imagination and interactivity with young readers. This collection of stories is aimed towards the younger ages of 6-7.

The iClassics Collection’s spooky collection of stories and tales will have notable appeal to boisterous boys looking to put their bravery to the test, aimed at ages 8-14. This is sure to be a reading treat for Halloween with the collection including famous Gothic authors such as H.P. Lovecraft (iLovecraft), Edgar Allan Poe (iPoe), Arthur Conan Doyle (iDoyle) and Charles Dickens (iDickens).

ICLASSICS: The AppBook that calls on classic tales of the past to inspire and encourage today’s reluctant readers

Start-up’s global download success hopes to encourage new reading habits among UK children aged 5-16

A fresh take on the challenges faced by parents and teachers to encourage positive reading habits and development has been addressed by AppBook start-up iClassic productions, S.L., with the launch of its immersive reading AppBook series for all ages (5-16).

Much-loved classic novels from British, American and Irish authors are reimagined in a new interactive format, inviting children new to classic literature to explore and indulge in the original unabridged texts. Each tale is enhanced through a journey of evoking animations, sound-effects and interactivity to a backdrop of atmospheric music.

Offering much more than a conventional e-book, iClassics celebrates the works of authors including Edgar Allen Poe (iPoe), Charles Dickens (iDickens), H.P. Lovecraft (iLovecraft), Oscar Wilde (iWilde) and Arthur Conan Doyle (iDoyle) by creating a unique storytelling environment to be experienced through tablets and mobile devices. The interactive story-telling features combine to maintain reader focus on the story’s narrative and continue to support the reader as they tackle challenging texts.


Captivaing colour to capture imagination (Ages 6-7) RRP £2.99 Available on iOS and Android.

This AppBook features a curated selection of three tales from the magnificent The Happy Prince and Other Tales, written by the extravagant Irish aesthete and author Oscar Wilde will dazzle the senses. Ready with an unforgettable palette of colours and sensations, iWilde encourages imagination and interactivity to combine. Users can also learn about the classic author with a biography also included.

image003-4   image002-6


Spooky, dark and gothic classics to reignite reluctant boy readers (Ages 8-14) RRP £2.99 Available on iOS and Android.

With recent reports of half of boys aged 11 (50%) failing their year six SATS exams[1], the iClassics Collection’s spooky collection of stories and tales will have notable appeal to boisterous boys looking to put their bravery to the test. The dreamy, dark and superb imagination of iLovecraft AppBook invites readers to dive into a world where the human minions are under constant threat by creatures from other dimensions.

The fully immersive reading experience will evoke feelings of the sinewy tentacles of iLovecraft’s horrifying monsters enveloping readers as they turn each page.

[1] Read the supporting article from Daily Mail here


Other Titles

Dubbed the ‘master of the macabre’ from the 19th century, Edgar Allan Poe was ahead of his time, capturing the terror and darkness. Now young intrepid readers can discover the immersive iPoe Collection by diving into his dark and shadowy world. RRP £2.99 each. Available on iOS and Android.

To mark Jack London’s centenary, iClassics launched the iLondon collection on 22nd September. Another collection, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’“, was released on 13th October. RRP £2.99 Available on iOS and Android.

About iClassics

iClassics received the Publishing Innovation Award (PIA) by Best Digital Publishing for innovation, quality artwork and worldwide availability. iClassics counts on more than 4 million sessions and over 250,000 followers on social networks. It has also been named ‘Best App of the Week‘ and ‘Best Selection Editorial‘ by Apple Inc. on the iTunes AppStore; and it is the #1 Sales Ranking on AppStore and Google Play in several countries. To experience immersive reading and to find out more about this project, please click here: iPOE trailer | iDOYLE preview | iWILDE, Making Of | iLOVECRAFT trailer | Reactions.


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