Sinclair ZX Spectrum

When the Sinclair ZX Spectrum : A Visual Compendium landed on my desk for review, I saw my colleague’s eyes light up.  Truly a nod to nostalgia.  Here’s what Roger had to say…

Roger’s thoughts…

The ZX welcomed in an awesome new era in home computer history. In the last few years, computers had become affordable and compact enough that the rest of us might dare to hope own one. The ZX Spectrum built on this idea a couple of years later with the promise of colour, sound and more computing power and, well … a wider range of cool stuff people could do with it! This ushered in the ultra competitive era which spanned the 80s and 90s.

Fewer of these stars shined brighter than the ZX Spectrum, even as the Commodore 64 and Atari XL and their technically advanced video and sound appeared a couple of years later, the sheer popularity and affordability of the ZX Spectrum was never diminished and to this day it remains an icon of that aspiration. To that end, Sinclair ZX Spectrum : Visual Compendium doesn’t disappoint; full colour, high-quality print screenshots of all the classics are presented alongside interviews with their creators and artists.

Chuckie egg, Manic Miner, The Hobbit, Feud, Dizzy … many favourites are featured along with original artwork of classic user magazines and game box art. This compendium is as much a piece of history as it is a great collection of art and graphics. We strongly recommend this compendium – it offers a timeless window into this classic piece of home computer and video game history and the perfect stocking filler for anyone who remembers this era of home computing. image

Prepared by : Sharon Steed
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