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The Happy Sleeper

Most people expect sleep deprivation with a newborn in the house – but what about when your child is still waking at night years later?

Parents are often advised to try either ‘cry it out’ or ‘attachment parenting’ methods, but “The Happy Sleeper by sleep experts Julie Wright and Heather Turgeon offers a different way.

Using an approach rooted in making babies and children feel safe, secure and happy in their bedtime routines so that they can learn to self soothe, “The Happy Sleeper offers practical advice for parents wanting to create good sleeping habits, or undo poor ones.

The book addresses issues such as:

Developing an effective bedtime routine, adapting this to a baby’s needs as they grow older, and integrating routines for multiple children.

Taking a ‘curious stance’ to spot when a baby has outgrown parental soothing and developed their own methods.

Combating bedtime resistance and frequent wake ups using the Soothing Ladder, Sleep Wave and Reverse Sleep Wave techniques.

Comforting children after nightmares without creating unhelpful sleep associations, and supporting children through night terrors.

Helping children continue to sleep well through changes and disruptions such as: starting school, additions to the family, Daylight Saving Time, moving house, and even going on holiday

Broken down into chapters covering baby, toddler, child and even parent sleep, The Happy Sleeper answers questions about every imaginable sleep-related problem: from colic and sleep regression, to moving into a big bed.

My own experience with “The Happy Sleeper”

We were very excited when Entertain the Kids were invited by Scribe to review “The Happy Sleeper“.

If I am honest, I thought “yes, I’ll probably fall asleep from boredom but what about my boy“… I couldn’t be more wrong.

My boy is 5yr old in Year 1 at school.  Towards the end of Reception he started “Night Terrors” and “fear of the unknown“.  As we addressed these issues they turned to “fear of the dark” and “I’m missing you“.

Now I am exhausted anyway as I suffer with Insomnia.  So this “phase” in William’s life, also coincided with our daughter heading to her “dreaded teens” and Year 8, combined with my already Zombie state did not make for a Happy Scenario.

Many conversations with my husband and friends and I could hear my self saying each time – “stick to the routine”, “if it works – don’t change”, “so what if he didn’t eat his dinner – if a snack is his bedtime routine give him that damned apple”.

I will confess we are still “work in progress” but I was able to use “The Happy Sleeper” to get my message across effectively and explain myself properly about “routine“, “habit“, etc and things have “definitely got better” ssshhhhh !

Much of the information within “The Happy Sleeper” is likely to be common sense to most of us but the delivery is such that you are likely to re-learn essential tools for a “Happier Family Life“.

Do you want it for “FREE” ?

The Happy Sleeper - Book Cover image

The publishers at Scribe have offered me a couple of copies of “The Happy Sleeper” for Entertain the Kids to use as competition prizes – here is how you can win yourself a copy** :

  • send an email to me here : Sharon Steed, Entertain the Kids
  • add this statement to the title : COMPETITION ENTRY “THE HAPPY SLEEPER”
  • in 100 words or less, tell me “why you need or want The Happy Sleeper
  • include your contact details in the body of the email : (name, address, contact number, etc)
  • the deadline for entry will be : midnight 31 March 2015

** please note, by entering this competition you are agreeing that we can use your 100 word or less comments in our publications.  If you wish to remain anonymous please indicate when you respond – otherwise we will use your first name, surname initial and location – for example, I would be Sharon S from Manchester or I could put Mrs S from Manchester.

Good luck – you have to be “in it – to win it” !

Available to purchase now from all good book shops RRP £12.99

Also available via Kindle : Kindle via Amazon

Written by : Sharon Steed
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