The most stressful time of day is 7.23am – with the first drama typically happening by 8.18am, research has found.
A study of 2,000 Brits revealed the top 50 everyday stresses, with being stuck in traffic coming top and waking up late also featuring.
Individuals experience an average of three dramas a day, with women having their first around 7:50am, while men last until 8:43am.
Among the list were spilling something down clothing, burning food and tripping over in public.
Other annoyances guaranteed to make people huff and puff were being locked out of their home, the car engine not starting and realising an email they thought had sent was sat in ‘drafts’.
The research was commissioned by RESCUE Remedy and found tiredness (46 per cent), an interrupted night’s sleep (36 per cent) and a busy day at work (33 per cent) were among the top causes for such dramas.

Brits experience a drama everyday
Zuzana Bustikova, for the wellbeing brand, said: “Often when we think ‘drama’ we think big, but the research shows how much of an impact seemingly small niggles can have on our daily moods.
“We know that a poor night’s sleep can offset the whole day, and challenging days can often result in sleepless nights, so it’s no wonder that mornings are when the first drama is experienced.”

The study also found while 35 per cent agreed little dramas are just part of life, a further 24 per cent find it difficult to relax when they’re experiencing such woes.
As many as four in 10 (41 per cent) have been kept awake at night – or woken up – due to everyday annoyances, including 50 per cent of women in comparison to 32 per cent of men.
Dramas also lead to people feeling frustrated (32 per cent), anxious (23 per cent) and tired (21 per cent).
Similarly, 24

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