by Gaetane Montreuil

Illustrated by Simon Goodway

 Leelo to the Zoo Image

Delightful new children’s series following a little boy-like angel who lives above the clouds and visits his best friend on Earth to share adventures, learning and teaching other children valuable lessons about life, loyalty and friendship with the aid of colourful illustrations

When a little boy who lives above the clouds is given permission to explore the earth below with his human best friend, lessons will be learned and little hearts will be delighted and tickled by Gaetane Montreuil’s colourful and touching new children’s picture book, Leelo to the Zoo, the second in a series of books about the adventures of young Leelo and his friends.
Leelo is the son of the King and Queen of the Angelus Kingdom. In the first book of the series, Leelo travels down to earth for the first time and meets Marco, a very shy young boy who needs help learning how to socialise with other children. Marco is shocked to learn that Leelo can only be seen by genuinely kind children and animals. Since Marco is often the victim of bullying at school, Leelo is able to help him escape a terrifying group of young boys that have no idea Leelo is alongside Marco. To their amazement, Marco even receives an apology from the leader of the bullies.
With the second book in the series, Leelo to the Zoo, Leelo and Marco continue to learn lessons about friendship, kindness and overcoming adversities. Leelo once again visits Marco down on Earth and joins Marco’s class on a trip to the zoo. Once again, Marco and Leelo witness heartless bullying when a group of boys are throwing nuts and chips into the monkey cage, even though there is a large “Do Not Feed the Animals” sign hanging prominently. When a baby monkey begins to choke, Leelo and Marco must think quickly. By the end of the story, the bullies have learned their lesson and are able to now see Leelo.
The Leelo series is a bright and original way to entertain children of all ages while stressing the importance of kindness and tolerance in everyday life. Leelo will appeal to children who are being raised in homes with strong spiritual beliefs as well as those that simply appreciate a wholesome and heartwarming tale.

About the author

Gaetane Montreuil was born in Quebec, Canada and has finally realised her lifelong dream of writing inspirational children’s books. She is now sharing the knowledge she acquired by owning and running a private kindergarten school. Montreuil has also worked as an interior decorator and has always enjoyed creating environments that favour a child’s development. She has four children and five grandchildren, all of whom have been instrumental in the creation of Leelo.

The Leelo series will be a collection of twenty books for young people. Leelo to the Zoo by Gaetane Montreuil (published by Clink Street, RRP £10.99) is available to purchase from 28th November online at retailers including (currently available on Kindle £5.14) and can be ordered from all good bookstores.

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